Chrysanthemum x Morifolium ‘Chelsey Yellow’

Chelsey Yellow Garden Mum
Image Source: Green Gate Farms
Herbaceous Perennial
3 - 9
Native Region:
Full Sun
10" - 20"
12" - 24"
Profusion of yellow blooms
Bloom Time:
September through October
Prefers moist, well-drained soil. Water as needed to keep from wilting. Remove spent flowers. To encourage branching and development of compact bushy plants, it is important to pinch back your garden mums in the spring as soon as the new growth is 4"-6" tall. You can pinch about ½ of the new growth at the top of each and every shoot. Repeat this procedure throughout the summer whenever new shoots are 3"-5" long. Stop pinching around early to mid July.
Special Features:

2015: Bought one plant from Bayside Garden Center in late September & planted it in the front stoop container to replace the dahlia (moved the dahlia to the backyard to hang out until the first frost and then go into the basement for the winter). Looked great; dried out quickly so I had to stay on top of watering it. I think it would perform better planted in the ground. I moved it into the garage after the killing frost & hope it will come back next year.